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Rolls-Royce Phantom Limo 

Party Limo Service

Serving The GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

+ Southern Ontario.

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Experienced chauffeured service in high-end motor car.

Perfect Limo Travel to celebrate success in. Arrive in uber-luxury style and grandeur!

Rolls-Royce in 2020

Rules Rewritten

Enjoy Bespoke Because You Have Earned It !

Step Into Luxury

Made To Order Limo Packages can include:

• Customized selection of decorations for inside and or outside of the limo.

• Sightseeing & Networking

• Flowers and or special arrangements / surprises

• Music / theatre selection (Bose Audio Theater System)

• Special instructions: Luxury Chauffeur Service.

As a limo for special events The Rolls Phantom can comfortably seat 5 adults including driver. An amazing sound system and pop-down picnic tables are just a couple of features. Red carpet with white glove service is available.

With bespoke service, made to order, in true butler fashion we can even plan and organise and or organize a picnic lunch, etc. Trained in luxury etiquette with many years experience the chauffeur will be dedicated to ensuring that each limo ride will be most spectacular beyond their exceptional driving skills.


BESPOKE LUXURY EXOTIC LIMO strives to provide Clients with service to match the performance  and brand of this regal livery machine. To help ensure the party event is a success the Phantom Rolls Royce Team can tend to special instructions such as flowers, etc.

We strive to manifest the idea of a perfect limo experience to life. Based on the type of special occasion: e.g.  graduation, award ceremony, shopping excursion, sightseeing, night-life entertainment and or other special occasions we will, together, craft the Luxury Limo package that bespeaks to the needs of the event and to the transportation budget.

For Special Occassions

Enjoy bespoke because you have earned it !

Prefer To Ride Into Town With The Top Down

Night on the town in a white Rolls Royce Phantom motor car is the ultinate in grandeur and luxury transportation.

As a limo for special occassions the Phantom Rolls Royce is renown to be the most luxurious and iconic motor car brand. Luxury mobility that, as explained in the videos presented to the right, lets one ride in an environment that is nothing like anything else in the world: Famous for being the choice of transportation by many celebrities and the wealthy, the attention to detail when making a Rolls-Royce is stunning. From the exterior contours and paint job to the high performance engine to the bespoke interior. Only the best materials are used, e.g. best quality cow leather for the seats and plush thick lambs-wool carpeting help contribute to the sumptuous feeling which enhance the tranquility feature of the vehicle: exterior sounds are muted by the extra  thick glass windows so that when driving in the Phantom the quietness accentuates the ticking of the clock. Known as the Beast and the Monster everything about the Phantom Rolls Royce is “grand”; this motor car, with its spirit of ecstasy icon, allows for the grand arrival and provides a grand sanctuary for grand relaxation, to provide what many consider the ultimate in passenger transportation.

And Or Their Most Powerful Motor Car The Rolls-Royce Wraith