Experienced chauffeured service in high-end motor cars.


Experienced chauffeured service in high-end motor cars.

Bespoke = Made To Order

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 The Greater Toronto Area's First  Supercar Limousine Service

To best adapt to Customer Values: Begin with Bespoke

Perfect Executive Travel for a salesperson to arrive in and or be picked up in, or for the Groom to arrive at their wedding in.

It's not how fast you go, it's how fast you can go and also how quickly you can go fast. 

Celebrity Limo Service

Serving The  GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

And Southern Ontario.

Our "Made to order"Celebrity Limo packages can include:

To Book A Limo Please Call 

• Red Carpet Service & White Glove Service are optional

• Sightseeing & Networking Tours

• Flowers and or special arrangements / surprises

• Music and theatre selection (Bose Audio Theater System)

• Selection of beverages and snacks

• Special instructions: Luxury Chauffeur Service

Celebrity Limo Services

Rolls-Royce Drophead

V V V V V V V V V V V 

At BESPOKE LUXURY EXOTIC LIMO we make available the celebrity limo of all celebrity limos: the Rolls-Royce brand of motor car considered to be the best car in the world.

In true bespoken style fitting for a celebrity or celebrities our special event livery packages are made to order complete with the red carpet if so desired.

Maintaining a famous celebrity status may mean working long and grueling shifts, often sacrificing Family life and personal freedoms: With this success one often gets to experience pure luxury as the norm. With stardom one can demand it; insist upon it and accept nothing less: e.g. the most luxurious limo. Very subjective and yet Rolls-Royce is undisputably the most recognisable ultra-luxury brand (recognizable ultra-luxury brand). At Bespoke Luxury Exotic Limo we have the selection of fine cars to serve as a limo or as a fleet of limos: A fleet of superior automotive brands most worthy of celebrating Celebrity status in a bespoken made to order manner.

For Celebrity Travel regardless of the make and model of the motor car (motor cars) that will serve as the limo (limos) each Celebrity Limo Package Is customised / customized to best serve your needs. Select from numerous options that empowers one to design a made to order Celebrity Livery presentation for the special event / special times that will be fun, add value to your brand and provide a reason to look forward to traveling with us again soon (anywhere within our service area).


Celebrity Livery with BESPOKE LUXURY EXOTIC LIMO could have the star-power image reinforced by providing executive travel in all of our exotic limos throughout the Celebrity's or Celebrities' stay:  Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, etc. Going out for dinner? Start your evening out with the Rolls-Royce and depending upon your entourage we'll provide the finest limousine travel. Ride about town to and from locations in ultra-luxurious style and or in any of the exotic supercars, the choice is yours.