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Rolls-Royce Phantom Limo 

Business Limo Service

Serving The GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

+ Southern Ontario.

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Red Carpet + White Gloves

Arrive in style being chauffered in this white Rolls Royce Phantom motor car.

Make Bespoke Part Of The Brand Extension:

Perfect Limo to celebrate success. Travel in  style and grandeur!

The Rolls Royce Phantom motor car is renowned to be the world’s best car, thus the world'’s best limo. As a massive vehicle of pure luxury (2 ¾ tons / 2 ½ metric tonnes) it can serve as a small luxurious office in which to entertain Clients well. Perfect for serving senior management and those with large monetary decision-making power; their time being so very valuable: they can do business in comfort while traveling to where they want to go and you close the deal. The sumptuous comfort of this executive travel is influenced by the top grain leather seats, the upholstery having been hand-sewn by one of 60+ Rolls-Royce Production Specialists. Rear vented heated seats is great for travel during colder weather. Riding in the Phantom Limo is certain to have Clients relaxed and ready to do business, aka. sign the deal. The spacious interior of the rear compartment has fold-out picnic tables plus a Boses Theater Audio System. Should there be inclement weather the doors have pop-up umbrellas and for the sunnier days the skylight can allow the sun to shine in.

Comfortably seats five adults including driver.

With bespoke service, made to order, in true butler fashion we can even plan and organise and or organize a picnic lunch, etc. Trained in luxury etiquette with many years experience the chauffeur will be dedicated to ensuring that each limo ride will be most spectacular beyond their exceptional driving skills.

We strive to manifest the idea of a perfect limo experience to life. Based on the type of special occasion we will, together, craft the Luxury Limo Business package that bespeaks to the needs of the event and to the transportation budget.

Experienced Chauffeur With Red Carpet + White Glove Service Available

* Red Carpet Service: White Glove Service optional.

* Sightseeing & Networking

* Flowers and or special arrangements / surprises

* Music / theatre selection (Bose Audio Theater System)

* Special instructions: Luxury Chauffeur Service.

Made To Order Business Limo Packages can include:

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Enjoy bespoke because you have earned it !